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Every Student a Scholar, Every Scholar a Talent

About Classical Music Education Foundation

Renaissance Music academy and it’s charitable arm The Classical Music Education Foundation is a music school providing high quality classical music education offering private one-on-one instruction for children of all ages to learn piano, violin, cello, guitar, voice and music theory. After earning my Masters degree in Music, I developed the “Lilith Aryan Method” Based on child psychology and incisive repertoire selection at all stages of advancement. Its success is evidenced by every student mastering in 2 years the equalent of 5 years of regular study.

How is the business involved with the community?

RMA is a center for community musical events where musicians of all distinctions gather to perform and socialize and propagate their expertise. Throughout the year RMA students are a pride in their regular schools as they show their talents and achieve higher academic standings. RMA can be a pillar of the cultural scene with a goal to broaden its outreach to as many children as possible. Every child should have the opportunity to learn music because it is a “basic entitlement and basic skill”.

We have a team of professional musicians and educators who work, dedicated to these principles:

  • That teaching is a pleasure not just a necessity.
  • Concentrate on each student’s individuality, talent and ability.
  • Knowing how to raise the bar at each level of progress by structuring their repertoire to guarantee achievement.
  • Particularly good with children “being there at the start” profusely inventing strategies.
    Involve parents support

What would it take to accomplish this mission?


Simply bring it to them, for most likely they will not be knocking at the door. The musically inclined child will usually be readily receptive to pop music but in most cases oblivious to the classics. Introducing classical music to his inclination could be transformative, like being transported into a new dimension. We will make them realize that learning the classics somehow means stature and enhances personality. From there, guide them expertly to go on and become a complete artist and be the next generation to perpetuate it.

Classical music however requires disciplined study, and precision to be performed so that it will take great effort to instill a passion for it. It is not an easy task to ignite in the youngest of children but once awakened, it is a dramatic step. Final proficiency can be equivalent to a complete college education. By starting early on in childhood and continuing into their teens, they will be fully equipped with every nuance a college degree in music requires. Or by then will have acquired to be an outstanding performer, an ensemble or orchestra player, a teacher the least.

The Classical Music Education Foundation

11221 S. Eastern Ave.

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To Our Valued Supporters, Patrons, Donors and Friends,

Classical music Education Foundation is a State Chartered Non – Profit Organization established for the specific purpose of introducing, promoting and advancing the realm of Classical Music into the lives of all children and young people of all ages, race, nationality and financial ability.

The Foundation will specially concentrate on bringing these objectives to children of low income families in Henderson and Las Vegas in the form of scholarships through open auditions of applicants from designated schools on a periodic basis depending on the availability of funds.

The enclosed documents describe the nature and true spirit of the foundation.

And it is hoped that your generous contributions, monetary and otherwise help make these ideals Reality.

To Professional Financial Advisors
We will be pleased to work with you to ensure that your clients find the best charitable arrangement that will meet their financial and estate plans. Please feel free to contact us for more information or assistance.
Legal Name: Classical Music Education Foundation
EIN: 01-0911799
Incorporated in Nevada
501(c)3 corporation
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Thank you.


Lilith Tonapetian